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In 2016 after speaking to another area within British Riding Clubs within the south, who had held regional championships for their clubs. We thought this was a good idea and so a few people got together and discussed the possibilities of having regional championships on the East side of the country, from the Scottish Borders to Lincolnshire and we named it, the Northern Regional Championships.

That was the beginning, this was to be a new venture. We asked the Liaison committees of the three areas involved, Areas 2, 4 & 16, to donate a long-term loan to finance this. The three areas did, therefore we started at Bishop Burton as an event, incorporating British Riding Clubs Dressage, BRC Show Jumping, the BRC Riding Test and BRC Style Jumping.

Since then, we have held the championships each year, usually in August, once at Helen Bell’s establishment and the rest at Bishop Burton, who have been very helpful.

We have since broadened our classes and incorporated all riders who do not qualify for the National Championships. This has made the championships, a much looked forward to event.


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